Restore The Roof System Of Your Unused Building Before It Is Too Late

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Whether condos or a commercial building, the roof is a crucial aspect of the structure and you need to make sure that it is in good condition at all times. While this feature is built to handle significant wear, timely maintenance can go a long way in increasing its lifespan. The roofing systems of vacant or unused buildings can deteriorate faster, mainly because maintenance is neglected.

So, if there are any valley issues, missing shingles, etc., they go unnoticed and escalate over time, making them more challenging and costly to fix. Sometimes, the deterioration can become so severe over time that replacement becomes the only solution, which can burn a hole in your pocket. The best way to avoid these issues is to get the roof inspected at least once or twice each year, even if the structure is vacant.

Roof Wearing Issues

Sometimes, stormy weather can take its toll on the structure and cause significant damage. Some Denver roofing systems are resilient and built to last between 15- 50 years or more. Asphalt roofs have a projected lifespan of 20-25 years.  Here are some common roof wearing signs: 

  • roof shingles

    The condition of your shingles is a clear sign of the rest of the roof structure.

    Roof Valley Issues – The roof valleys ensure that the rainwater and melting snow flows down the slopes into the gutters. If there is any damage to these channels, it can result in severe leakages, and you need to contact a Denver roofing company without delay. 

  • Missing Shingles –Stormy weather can blow shingles off the roofing if they aren’t secured well. Missing shingles indicate a compromised, neglected or damaged structure. 
  • Buckling and Curling – Shingles curl or buckle when their structural integrity is impacted. Look for granulation in your gutters and water flowing from it and check whether the shingles are misshapen or have cracks. 

Other common wearing signs to look out for are daylight coming through your roof, damaged chimney flashing, and widespread water damage.

Hire Professionals for Roof Repairs

You can avoid many of these problems by hiring a reputable roof repair company for regular inspections and repairs when needed. They will inspect all aspects of the roof, make note of the vulnerabilities and ensure that the issues are fixed before they get out of hand.

If your roof is a few decades old, and the building has been vacant for a long time, consider getting it replaced, especially if there are many frequent issues that crop up. A skilled Denver roofing company will help with inspecting the roof to spot issues early before providing the best solutions.

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