Preventative Roofing Measures To Protect Your Home

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A roof is a highly resilient and durable structure. With the right maintenance, it can last for decades without any problems. Experts recommend taking some preventive roofing maintenance to keep it in a good shape. Regular professional care along with some DIY inspection can help you extend a residential roof’s lifespan considerably. 

Regular DIY Inspection 

A thorough visual inspection of a roof can reveal several issues. You can easily spot some damage without climbing over the structure or using special tools. Here’s a look at what homeowners need to watch out for:

  • roof maintenance tipsInternal and External Assessment – It is important to examine the interior and exterior sections of your roof. Carefully walk through the attic and areas of your home that are directly under the structure. Look at your roof’s exterior from ground level or climb up if it is safe to do so.
  • Internal Damage – A compromised roof will show signs of water damage and have roofing material debris around it. If you notice these things in the attic, call an expert immediately for repairs.
  • External Damage – External damage is often caused by trees, branches, weather, and compromised gutters. Look for missing or cracked shingles, torn flashing, dented or detached gutters, etc. These are clear signs that your roof needs a little repair or maintenance.

A DIY inspection isn’t as comprehensive as a professional assessment. If you suspect the roof is damaged, call an expert for a full examination immediately. Fixing small mistakes and carrying out preventive roofing maintenance early can help homeowners extend their property’s lifespan by several years. 

Understanding Your Roof’s Warranties 

Property owners should always be aware of the roof’s warranties and homeowner’s insurance. Most manufacturers provide warranties that last for decades, which means understanding what it does or doesn’t cover is important. You can ask a roof installer to explain the warranty in detail and make notes on it if necessary.

Homeowner’s insurance will cover a lot of roofing damage, especially when it occurs due to a fallen tree or a sudden storm. Study your policy carefully to see what is covered or ask the insurance company to explain it. Homeowners should always have relevant paperwork on hand in case of emergencies.

Contact Horn Brothers Roofing to get a full estimate of preventive roofing maintenance costs. We can offer a  detailed plan that can help keep your roof structure in good shape.

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