Metal Roofing: Why Is It Trending?

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Metal roofing has been around for a long time, but for much of that period, it was a very small part of the overall roof market. Now, things are trending in the other direction, with an explosion in products, but also styles and advancements. So, let’s see what options you have in terms of metal roofing in Denver.

Why Metal?

A major reason for this is the work that the overall roofing industry is doing to try and woo customers who assume metal roofing is too noisy, rust-prone, or heavy to fit their homes. With those myths dispelled, it’s easier to focus on the benefits, like how much longer it lasts compared to other options. Granted, metal roofs may never match what asphalt has just due to the initial cost. However, all the additional benefits, like durability and low upkeep are hard selling points.

Your Options

popular metal roofs

Steel and aluminum are the two most popular metal roofs.

Whether you’re looking at stone-coated steel roofing in Denver or something more basic, your base metal is your general starting point. Steel and aluminum are the two most popular and least expensive options in terms of what you can use. For most homes, either one will work, while climate may matter in others. The main drawback of steel is that rust can rise up, and this is often mitigated by adding a coat of zinc before painting. Another method that many see as even better is using Galvalume. This alloy of zinc and aluminum is well-suited to handle even the harshest weather, being 2 to 4 times as durable as galvanized steel.

Getting metal roofing installation done might be the winning addition to your roof replacement in Parker. If you are looking for a top roofing company in the Denver area, contact Horn Brothers Roofing today for a free estimate so we can help you with any issues you may have.

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