Maintenance Tips To Boost Your Concrete Roof System’s Lifespan

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A flat, concrete roof tiles an aesthetically appealing and sustainable option, but it is also extremely durable.  When properly installed, these roofing systems can easily outlast the structure on which they have been installed. However, regular maintenance is needed to ensure their longevity. Properly maintained tiles would last long and look great for many years too.

Concrete Tile Roof Maintenance Tips

There are specific essential maintenance tips to follow to keep your roof in good condition, such as:

  1. Roof Installation

    Proper maintenance will keep your roof in great conditions for a long time.

    Minimal Roof Traffic

While it’s sometimes necessary to walk on the roof for seasonal cleanings and inspections, keep roof traffic to at minimal levels. To reduce the chance of damage to your flat concrete roof tile structure and to avoid the dangers associated with walking on roofs, its best to hire a professional roofer for regular maintenance of the feature.

If you prefer to handle the task yourself, make sure that you step on the bottom three inches of installed tiles when walking along the roof. Lapped tiles support this particular section beneath them, and the weight gets transferred to the deck underneath.

  1. Repair Broken Tiles

If you notice any broken or cracked roof tiles, replace them as soon as possible. If you defer these replacements, these spots become potential entry points for pests. Also, water can penetrate the roof’s underlying layers, creating leakage and water spots. Failure to fix these tiles can lead to more damage, potentially resulting in a complete roof replacement. Always hire experienced roofers to come and inspect your roof for wearing signs.

  1. Regular Cleaning

Many regions where concrete tiled roofs are standard, are susceptible to algae and/or mildew growth due to existing environmental conditions. While these conditions don’t impact the tiles’ integrity, they can affect your property’s curb appeal. You need to clean concrete tile roofs with a pressure washer set at no more than 1200 psi. This can help get rid of algae, moss, and mildew.  Also, clean the sidewalls and valleys of the roofing as debris collects in these areas. It’s best to hire licensed and insured roofing contractors for this job.

If you’re want to boost your concrete roof system’s lifespan, call skilled concrete tile roof maintenance professionals like us today for a thorough roof inspection. They will check every inch of the roof and adjacent features for signs of deterioration or damage and will provide appropriate solutions. Timely intervention is the best way to avoid unrequired and costly repairs.

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