What Inspections Take Place During A Home Sale?

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You might be considering selling your home without replacing your faulty roof, but the surveys that take place before contracts are exchanged mean that you’re unlikely to get away with doing this.

There are two types of inspections that will almost always take place on your home as you’re preparing to sell it.

Professional RooferOne of which will definitely make the buyer aware of any potential faults with your roof.

As such, it’s likely to be more efficient for you to have your roof inspected before buyers even have the chance to view your house.

This will reduce the chances the buyer pulling out of the deal after the results of the inspections come through.

What are the inspections?

One of the inspections is most commonly referred to as a house survey. This is paid for by the buyer, and will involve professionals checking the entire property for faults within its structural integrity. There are different types of house survey that will take place depending on the type of property being sold, but all will result in a report being sent to the buyer with a list of the faults and how much it’ll potentially cost to repair them. Although a buyer isn’t always forced to pay for a house survey, they’ll be advised to do so by their lawyer, and it would take a very foolish person to ignore this advice.  

The second form of survey is a valuation survey. This is organized by the buyer’s mortgage company, and exists to reassure the company that the buyer is paying a fair price on the property (that the mortgage company is essentially using as collateral).

Avoid surprises by organizing a roof inspection yourself

Those who regularly arrange for their roof to be inspected, (and repaired if necessary) will be less likely to be in a situation where they to pay for one just before selling. It also reduces the odds of the seller needing to shell out for repairs at a time when they need all the capital they can get their hands on.

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