How To Inspect Your Roof For Damage And What To Do

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Learn How to Find Damage on Your Roof

Roof damage can result in disastrous consequences for your home and should be addressed at the first sign of its appearance, but it can be difficult to spot until it’s too late.

Most damage to roofs caused by the elements, such as wind, rain or sun occurs very gradually. The damage is initially very subtle but can eventually develop into a major eyesore that damages other parts of the house. Much like the signs of aging or weight gain, these subtle initials signs can be difficult to spot especially when it’s your house that you look at every day.

However, when you’re armed with the knowledge of what damage to look for, it can easier to spot and address the early signs of roof damage.

How to Inspect your Roof

The first signs of wind damage appear on the edges and the corners of the roof. These parts are typically the weakest and the loosest – so wind can get underneath it and pull it upwards. This present more of the roof for the wind to pull up next time and the problem can get worse and worse until the insulation is exposed.

Damaged shingles are a surefire sign that your roof may be in need of repair. These shingles might be cracked, curled or torn.

You may spot shingles on the roof, or some may have fallen off and be scattered around your property. If just a small proportion (perhaps a third or less) is damaged, then this could be repaired by a top roofing company. If a larger amount of the roof has damaged shingles, then it may require roof replacement.

Patches, cracks, and tears in flat roofs are among the more obvious signs of disrepair, while mold, decay, and splitting or curling would need to be addressed too.

Don’t forget to inspect the chimney and the gutters for signs of wear-and-tear. The chimney flashing settles independently from the rest of the roof, so it could be a prime suspect for damage. Look indoors for signs of moisture such as grey or brown stains, or peeling paint.

Whatever sign of damage you spot, it’s almost always worth calling a roof repair company to get a professional opinion on your roof. These individuals are qualified to access your roof and, unlike you, will have the equipment to do so without risking a serious injury.

Most roof damage will only get worse over time as your building continues to be exposed to the elements, so don’t delay calling the professional if you’re even the slightest bit worried about your roof. Any repairs that do need completing will be a lot cheaper before any serious damage is down to your home.

Regardless of the roof repair, you need to complete, at Horn Brothers Roofing, we are ready to help you. Contact us today for more information and to receive a free consultation.

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