How to Inspect Your Roof After a Storm

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After a storm hits, one of the first things homeowners need to look for structural damage. The roof is one of the most critical areas of the home. Once the weather has cleared, and the area is safe, it needs to be inspected. Here are a few quick tips to help you spot roof damage.

buy asphalt shingles in ColoradoLook for Big Hazards First

Before you start climbing on your roof to remove tree branches or patch a leak, look for obvious hazards. Huge patches of ice, fallen cables, and holes can put your personal safety at risk. Even small storms have been known to cause these extra hazards. If you notice something big is amiss, then you should consider calling in an experienced roofing repair company in Cherry Hills. Even if you don’t need a full replacement, they will be better equipped to handle these hazards.

Inspect the Shingles

If it is safe to explore the roof on your own and you are comfortable doing so, you can start inspecting the roof, starting with the shingles. Identify areas that are no longer covered and any cracks, counting the number of replacements you will need.

Don’t Forget the Gutters

As you inspect your roof, pay close attention to the drainage and ventilation systems. Both are crucial for preventing roof collapse. If the gutters are warped, or the ventilation is damaged, you will likely need extensive repairs from a specialist.

Interior Damage

Before assuming that the roof is fine, take a quick look at your ceiling. Small cracks, discolored spots, and bubbles can indicate a missed leak. Any leaks need to be corrected immediately to avoid additional damage.

Get Roofing Help

At Horn Brothers Roofing, we understand the importance of leaving no stone unturned when it comes to roofing inspections. Contact us today to learn more.

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