Horn Brothers Installs New Roof For The Timbers Bachelor Gulch Luxury Resort

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The Timbers Bachelor Gulch (previously called The Ritz-Carlton Club) is located a stone’s throw away from the famed Bachelor Gulch Express Lift. This is a stunning ski resort and one of the most popular in Avon, Colorado.

The establishment has a classic structure, but its roof needed replacement, and that’s where Horn Brothers Roofing came in. Our crew handled this challenging roof installation to the highest standards.

The Material Used in the Roof Replacement

The task required special tools and equipment.

Natural cedar shake shingles look amazing, but they are prone to rotting, insect damage, splitting, mold, and mildew. In addition, they do not have good insulating properties, which is crucial in the colder climate of the region. Keeping all these aspects and requirements in mind, we recommended CeDUR shakes to our client because:

  • CeDUR is one of the most realistic-looking faux cedar shake products on the market. It was closest in appearance to the wooden shingles that were removed.
  • This material helped maintain the beauty of the structure, while enhancing its architectural integrity.
  • It reflects neither light nor shines brightly on sunny days, which lends it a more authentic look.
  • The material is solid and does not absorb water.
  • It is durable, rot-resistant, and can last for many years with minimal maintenance. 

How We Completed the Roof Installation

Roofing the luxury resort was an ambitious project that only the best could handle.

Since it was business as usual for The Timbers during this re-roofing project, our team had to ensure the highest degree of safety during the installation. As mentioned, this was a classic structure with a complex roof structure incorporating steep slopes, a 96-facet roof towering up to seven stories.

Our roofing specialists removed more than 60,000 sq-ft of roofing material, and we replaced it with an intricate CeDUR roof system. The other challenge was that the roof installation had to be completed within 4 months. Our skilled craftsmen have handled a significant of complex projects in the past, and they made sure that this structure with various angles, hips, ridges, and gables was re-roofed expertly.

We not only completed the project on time, but also within the projected budget. The Timbers now has an updated look, and the new CeDUR roof blends in well with the overall structure amazingly well. This new roof has provided amazing texture, dimension, and depth to the building. Feel free to check out our services to understand how Horn Brothers Roofing can help with your new roof installation or replacement.

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