Flat Roof? You May Need Special Drainage

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Whether a commercial business or a home, having a flat roof can be beneficial. They add a unique architectural characteristic to any building, and they make it possible to use your rooftop as another living space. You may choose to add a rooftop garden or sitting area, and it will allow you amazing views of the surrounding area.

Ensuring that the roof drains properly is incredibly important, especially with a flat roof because it’s easy for water, snow, and ice to pool on this surface. Knowing what kind of draining is available and advantageous for your particular roof may require talking to a top roofing company. Below are some of the different types of drainage systems that exist for flat roofs.

Inner Drains

This type of flat roof drain is often found on large commercial roofs but can also be used on residential roofs. They are generally placed near the center of the structure, which keeps the water away from the walls and foundation of the building. The water is directed through pipes that drain the water from the top of the building.

These types of drains are great because they won’t freeze during the winter. Since the pipe travels through the building, it is protected by the heating system within the structure. These drains can also be customized to match your roof, and strainers can be added to the outside to keep debris from clogging the system.

flat roof with waterScuppers

If you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to drain water from your flat roof, you may want to consider getting scuppers. These are openings that are placed on the curbs or outer walls of the roofline.

They consist of a metal box that allows water to run through the wall, and then water is drained away from the building so that it won’t get the walls wet.


These are the most common types of drains used for all roof types. They are inexpensive and keep water from pooling on the surface of the roof. For flat roofs, while they can be used, they have some downsides, including needing to be cleaned constantly and the potential they can freeze and break.

When it comes to finding the right drainage system for your flat roof, talk to Horn Brothers Roofing and see what they recommend for your particular case.

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