Use Cool Roofs to Control the Temperature in Your Building

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What Is a “Cool Roof”?

A cool roof is a roofing system where the structure surface stays relatively “cooler” than the ambient temperature. Cool roofs achieve their ”cool” effect thanks to high solar values of reflectance and thermal emittance.

Solar reflectivity is the ability to reflect the solar energy, decreasing heat transfer to the building or home. The thermal emittance refers to a roof’s ability to release absorbed heat.

Three Main Benefits of Installing a Cool Roof

Cool roofs can be constructed with several materials that include highly reflective shingles or tiles, highly reflective type of paint, or a sheet covering. All these cool roofing options bring several benefits to your building:

Reduce Overall Costs

Generally, cool roofing is known to be very affordable. Since less A/C tonnage is needed during hot summer months, energy bills are lowered by 7%-15% of total cooling costs. Buildings with a cool roofing system utilize up to 40% less cooling energy than those with non-reflective materials.

Lower Internal Temperatures

Energy-efficient roofs in Colorado

During the hottest months of the year, internal building temperatures are reduced by 30% when compared to the temperature inside an establishment that uses conventional cooling methods.

Extend the Roof and the A/C Lifespan

Cool roofs typically last longer than conventional roofing systems because they don’t reach high temperatures. This means that the thermal shock stress associated with large temperature changes is reduced, which in the long run, prolongs the life of your A/C and limits a roof’s expansion and contraction, the result of these temperature changes.

Besides all the above advantages associated with cool roofs, this roofing system not only reduces building cooling loads but also the urban heat island effect.

Overall, cool roof characteristics block heat absorption by reflecting the sun’s heat and then sending its radiation back into the atmosphere. The result is a more comfortable and controlled indoor environment.

If you are looking for roofing solutions in Colorado, Horn Brother Roofing is a local company that can help you improve the energy efficiency of your building by installing a high-quality cool roofing system that best suits your budget and needs. Call us at (303) 274-1111 to start enjoying the benefits of cool roofs.

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