Common Roofing Problems Caused by Ridges and Valleys

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Roofing structures are built to endure exposure to the elements and last a long time. However, age, neglect, and other factors can result in the deterioration of various roof components. Ridges and valleys are vulnerable points in these features, and damage and leaks from these spots can cause major damage to your roof.

What Are Ridges And Valleys In Roofing Design?

A roof “ridge” is the uppermost peaks created by the junction when the slopes are facing in opposite directions.

A roof “ridge” is the uppermost peaks created by the junction when the slopes are facing in opposite directions. Ridge caps are fitted to the ridges to protect and hide the seams. Problems with ridges arise when the caps don’t offer sufficient protection, and the water from frequent rains or storms infiltrates that area.

Valleys are formed at the junction of two roof slopes. Because of the lower slope along the valley lines and the volume of water flowing through them, they become particularly vulnerable to leaks. In open valleys, the valley lines remain uncovered by the basic roofing material and are covered by a combination of metal, water & ice shields. The primary roofing material like shingles, etc. protects closed valleys.

Both ridges and valleys are integral to a roof structure, but need special attention and maintenance, as they are also its most vulnerable points.

Common Roofing Problems Caused By Ridges and Valleys

Some common roofing problems that emerge in these features include:

  • Water doesn’t flow smoothly down the roof, and it pools in the valleys
  • Water damage to various components
  • Improper drainage and damage in the gutter system
  • Ridge cap leaks
  • Poor craftsmanship

As you can imagine, leaky roof can at any point have serious implications for the overall integrity of the structure. However, leaks or water infiltration at the ridges can be quite problematic. These leaks can sometimes be tough to spot, especially in metal roofs. Sometimes, improper ridge vent installation or poor sealing at the ridge causes the problem. At times, roof leaks occur because the seams haven’t been lined up correctly. Valley problems can also be difficult to fix if you don’t address them on time.

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