Getting a Commercial Building Ready for Spring

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Winter in Colorado can be brutal, and it can have a major impact on your business in a variety of ways, including causing issues with the roof. With spring around the corner, it’s about time to ensure that your commercial roof is ready for spring.

There are several things you can do to get your roof ready for spring, and the most important of these is having a top roofing company do an inspection. This will ensure that any damage is discovered and can be taken care of by a professional. Below are some other tips that can be useful in getting your commercial roof ready for spring.

roofsClean the Roof

Cleaning the roof can be incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons, including to get rid of debris that was deposited there during winter storms, to check for damage, and to ensure that there isn’t any mold or lichen growth—both of which can have an impact on the integrity of the roof’s surface.

Paying attention to downspouts, gutters, or other drainage systems on the roof will ensure that the water can drain effectively from the surface and won’t leak into your office building. This can cause a lot of damage and be expensive to fix.

Trim Trees

If you have a lot of trees near your business, this can make it look good, but now is a good time to get them trimmed so they can’t impact the roof. Branches falling onto the surface can cause issues, and the leaves can get caught in the drainage system. Getting rid of trees totally or ensuring there’s enough space between them and your business is an advantage.

Check the Inside

While the professionals are outside checking the roof, you’ll want to conduct an inspection on the inside. Check the ceiling to see if you notice any water stains or leaks. If so, you’ll need to bring this to the roofing company’s attention so they can fix the problem.

As winter heads out, you’ll now have to deal with melting snow and spring storms. Make sure your roof is up to the task by getting it ready for spring. Have the pros at Horn Brothers Roofing come out to check for any damage and get that fixed before major issues occur.

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