Four Important Things To Do When Choosing A Roofing Company

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Here are four essential things to do when choosing a roofing company.

1. Choose the top roofing company in the area

Ideally, you’ll be able to get a referral from a friend who has used a roofing company in the area before and was happy with their service. If not, go with a company that has been established in your local area for a long time – and can boast plenty of positive reviews and a good Better Business Bureau (BBB) score online. The advantage of using a company in your area is that they’ll be easier to contact if you need to make use of your warranty.

Ensure the company has the correct insurance, licensing, and manufacturer designations to be working on your house. Legitimate contractors will be able to show you all their credentials, so you don’t have to just take their word for it.

2. Get an extensive warranty

An extended warranty will include coverage of the roofer’s workmanship. Not all companies can offer this. Without it, you’ll either have to convince the contractor to fix it for free – or pay for any mistakes to be rectified yourself. With an extended warranty, you’ll be covered or any mistakes that show up, even months or years down the line.

Metal Roofs Colorado3. Be aware of material choices

Not all roof materials are made equal. Some will add significant value to your home compared to others. If you’re investing in a roof replacement paid for by your insurer, it’s arguably the perfect time to have new material added.

If your roofing company isn’t offering you a range of materials to choose from, ask why not. Be aware what the best material for your roof repairs may be – and work with your roofing company to see if this can be added.

4. Handle your own insurance claim

Don’t be pressured by roofing companies that say they can handle your insurance claim for you. In most U.S states, it is illegal for them to this. Don’t the roofing company pay your insurance deductible for you either, as this is insurance fraud.

Don’t sign any agreement with your roofing company until your insurer has estimated the cost of the damage either. Some companies will say they can work with any amount of money that the insurance company deems as fair. The question is: can you trust companies like that or those who are willing to break the law, not to take shortcuts when repairing your home?

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