The Best Roofing Materials for Four-Season Homes

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A roof is an incredibly important investment. That’s why it’s crucial to spend your money on the right type of material so that your roof and home last for years to come. If you’re a homeowner living in Greenwood Village, CO, you’ll need a roof that can withstand each season of the year. 

A four-season climate is not a factor that many people consider, as it is often assumed that any material would be suitable for both summer and winter. However, some shingles are better at withstanding the rapid changes between sun, rain, and snow better than others. Here are a few of the best materials you could use if you live in a four-season climate. 

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Slate roofs function well in hot and cold climates and help your roof become more energy efficient.

Slate Roofing

If your area experiences a lot of rain or snow, slate roofing is an option you should consider. Slate roofs work well in hot and cold temperatures, and they are also a great option if you are looking to find ways to make your home more energy-efficient. 

Cedar Roofing

Cedar is often overlooked because some people don’t consider it as strong as other materials. However, cedar works as an incredibly durable shingling material. Cedar can last through harsh summers, and they also get rid of snow much more easily than other types of shingles. Cedar roofing is also more leak resistant than other types of roofing

Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt shingles have become a very conventional type of roofing. There is a reason so many people opt for it — it’s great for winter climates, and they are incredibly tough. Asphalt can bear large fluctuations in temperature. They don’t damage in the sun, and they can also take heavy snowfall. If you’re looking for installation on a budget, asphalt roofing is very affordable. 

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