4 Surprising Causes Of Roof Damage

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Most people are well aware of the damage that heavy wind and hailstone can do to their roof, but there are many other more surprising factors that could lead to roof damage.

Below, we list four of the rarer reasons why your roof may be damaged.

Squirrels and Raccoons

Wildlife such as squirrels and raccoons can damage shingle roofs with their claws. Often, they will climb on your roof in search of food stuck beneath the shingles. As they dig and claw to try and get their hands on the food, they can create holes in the roof that can be blown further apart by bad weather and ultimately cause leaks when it rains.


Insects themselves are unlikely to cause major damage to your property, but if they make it onto your roof, they can attract woodpeckers and other birds that peck holes in your roof trying to eat the bugs.

need to install a new roof for your Colorado homeTree branches

If you have tree branches hanging over your roof, it’s important to be aware of the damage they can cause. Your biggest worry should be the debris from the trees blowing onto your roof blocking gutters and causing scratches to your roof.

However, it’s possible that the branches themselves break off during bad weather and cause damage when they fall onto your roof, either from the impact of the fall or by blocking gutters. You may choose to cut away the branches in the winter to prevent this from happening.


If you live in a warm climate, your shingles are likely to be exposed to extreme changing temperatures as day turns to night. This can cause them to expand and contract causing gaps in your roof.

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