3 Common Roof Problems that You Should be Aware of

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There is much more to your roof than just a few shingles. Your roof contains multiple layers of materials that are designed to protect your home from countless elements. Unfortunately, roofs can take a significant beating and damage can easily occur. Here are three common roof problems that you should know about.

1. Too Much Snow

Living in Colorado, you experience huge snowstorms and substantial snowfall every single year. While the moisture does have its benefits, if large amounts of snow accumulate on your roof, it can cause your roof to collapse. Additionally, ice can build up on your roof and hang off it. This can cause significant damage to your roof, and can even become a safety issue. You must be diligent in removing snow and ice from your roof regularly during the winter months.

2. Poor Installation

Many individuals choose to install or replace a roof themselves, with minimal experience and knowledge. While this can help you save money upfront, poor installation can result in massive problems and more money in the future. Shingles and hardware, such as nails, blow off more easily and must be replaced regularly. Additionally, water can easily get beneath the material causing mold and mildew. If you need to replace your roof, you may save yourself money in the long run by hiring a top roofing company in Denver to do the job right at the very beginning.

3. Trees and Animals

The environment outside of your home plays a large role in the maintenance and life expectancy of your roof. Large branches can fall on your home or even continually hit the roof, ripping off or damaging shingles. Animals and pests can build nests and homes in various areas on your roof. You want to keep your roof clear of debris and remove these creatures at first sight.

Regardless of the roof repair, you need to complete, at Horn Brothers Roofing, we are ready to help you. Contact us today for more information and to receive a free consultation.

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