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Manufacturer Certified Professionals Factory trained professionals for your home

Choosing a qualified contractor who will use the best materials, backed by a financially strong and reputable manufacturer who is still going to be around twenty or thirty years from now is one of the most important decisions you can make for the life of your home. A good roofing decision can do more than just keep the water out. Your good decisions can increase the value of your home, lower your heating and air conditioning bills, help avoid the growth of dangerous mold that can affect your family's health, and believe it or not it can even extend the life of your home's paint or wallpaper, saving a lot of money and avoiding time-wasting headaches.


For lots of people, choosing the right contractor is an exercise in pain and frustration, but Horn Brothers Roofing can help you avoid the problems that may have caused your neighbors grief. That's because Horn Brothers Roofing is committed to providing you with your best and safest choice and a superior investment.

Attention To Detail And Service Time tested, customer driven service you can trust

For over a quarter of a century, Horn Brothers Roofing has provided thousands of customers with the last roof they will ever need. Our commitment to service is only matched by the quality of the products we use to keep you and your family safe from the elements in the harsh Colorado climate.


We all know that the one constant in Colorado weather is change. You can wake up in the morning to frost, then it snows and by noon it is sleeting and that turns to rain. By mid-afternoon the sun is shining and the streets are dry. Each of these weather events will effect your homes roofing in a different way and Horn Brothers Roofing is uniquely qualified to provide you with exceptional skill and knowledge when it comes to your specific roofing needs. Let Horn Brothers Roofing provide the last roof you'll ever need.

Commercial Property Values Proper maintenance can extend and improve value

Just as with residential properties, commercial roofing requires a skilled professional roofing company to provide the necessary products and services to help your company protect it's investment in property and equipment. Horn Brothers Roofing has the skills necessary to partner with you and provide services that are appropriate for your needs. A Horn Brothers Roofing Certified Maintenance Professional can provide the necessary maintenance on your commercial roof to help you take advantage of warranty requirements that provide added assurance that your company needs to protect it's investment.


Horn Brothers Roofing provides exceptional quality and knowledge for our commercial customers, backed by our outstanding commitment to customer satisfaction. We are fully licensed and insured with an extensive referral list to provide your business with the service it deserves.

Culturally Significant Structures Colorado culture is under our roof

For over twenty-five years, Horn Brothers Roofing has been providing roofing services to the Colorado community. We have had the opportunity to work with many culturally significant landmarks and structures. Many of these structures offer unique challenges and demands due to age and architecture. Because a roof is one of the most important structural componants that provide stability and integrity, special care and skills are needed. These are skills that Horn Brothers Roofing has provided to many of our architectural gems, and we're proud to contribute to the lasting beauty and integrity of these structures.


Horn Brothers Roofing takes our responsibility and commitment to your commnity seriously. We will provide the best possible products and services so that your community centerpiece will remain a source of pride for years to come.

Repair & Replacement Colorado's demanding climate

Flat roofs are known as being problematic, with many suffering leaks. However the problems with leaking flat roofs are usually as a result of either poor workmanship installing the roof membrane, poor maintenance or as a result of age. A well designed and waterproofed flat roof should not cause problems or leak. Horn Brothers Roofing has the demonstrated skill and experience to repair or replace your flat roof and help you reduce the expenses associated with a poorly installed or maintained roof.


Our design professionals will help you determine the components that work best for you and will provide the longevity necessary to keep your property safe and sound. Let Horn Brothers Roofing provide you with a list of references and an estimate today! We're sure you'll see how our experience can be of benefit to you.

Care & Feeding for the life of your roof

Regular maintenance of flat roofs is still required, as they are less forgiving than steeply sloped roofs. The most common problems are that rainwater outlets become blocked with leaves and other windblown debris. Installing leaf guards only slows this occurring as even these can become overpowered by the shear quantity of leaves being blown around by the wind. Additionally, in Colorado, hail damage effects flat roofs more than steeply sloped roofs because the hail is not deflected as easily as a sloped roof.


The membranes used to cover and waterproof flat roofs usually only last 20 to 30 years. Without regular maintenance, this time is reduced. As a result building owners need to plan for replacing the membrane on their flat roofs as part of their scheduled capital expenditures. Horn Brothers Roofing can help your business plan for the regular maintenance of your flat roof.

Roofing Advisory Team

Expert Inspection

The climate of Colorado is fascinating in every way. Having the highest average elevation in the United States, combined with complex topography, results in dramatic climate differences from place to place and from year to year. Horn Brothers Roofing provides outstanding value based on over 25 years of experience in the Colorado climate.
With over a quarter of a century providing thousands of satisfied customers with quality workmanship and value, Horn Brothers Roofing is an expert in the roofing industry that you can trust to provide an honest assessment of your roofing needs and perform the work with a very high degree of competence, integrity and value.

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